The Gym is open! Our gym is a fitness corner with a breathtaking view on the 4th floor terrace

An area dedicated to sportspeople and to all guests who wish to keep themselves fit or remove stress before going to the spa. Equipped with modern and professional gears, the gym is free and it is open every day till 10.30 pm.

Riding for chilometres with no renounce on comfort with a modern recumbent cyclette. A sophisticated and modern SPIN-BIKE to rapidly start your day or to simply eliminate calories!

Ready…set…go! A views on the mountains will give you the impression to run in an open space. Simple or hard programs with your favourite music. In fact, it is possible to connect your tablet or smartphone to the tapis roulant and through the app RUN ON EARTH you can set your favourite itinerary and run in “street view” modality everywhere in the world!

The app is free and available for both Android and IOS.