Expo Hotel Milan – Parabiago


An intimate and quite corner to restore oneself in a relaxing atmosphere of fragrances and sounds. In our SPA you will enojoy a steam room, Turkish bath, emotional showers and whirlpool available for Expo Hotel Milan guests only.

Steam room
The heat stimulates the correct functions of organs and purifies the body from the inside through the skin.
It improves the circulatory system, it supports a deep skin cleanliness removing toxins through perspiration. It tones up and reduces stress.
The steam room can have psychotherapeutic effects and reduces pain, anxiety and depression improving relax and serenity.

Turkish bath
A vapor cloud rolling up your body. It was discovered and used by greeks, romans, middle east people who made it a way of life.

Emotional showers
A simple shower becomes a multi sensorial experience thanks to emotional showers and turkish bath. Colours and scents make the shower becoming a reinvigorating moment against daily stress, purifying body and mind.

The perfect therapy to detoxify and reinvigorate our body. A 33° temperature helps to detoxify the body and stimulates the circulatory system and metabolism.